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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we've had very heavy rain move through early this morning. but we're taking a brief break. i'll let you know when we'll have the next round of rain and potentially severe storms rolling through the area, just ahead. a break point in the oregon standoff. the fbi makes arrests. this morning, who was killed when gunfire broke out? we hear from the victim's daughter. thank you for joining us for abc action news at 9:00. >> there's a lot of rain now and we're in store for even more so you want to leave extra time today to get where you're going because the roads are very wet. we'll check with janelle in a moment.
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breather but it's coming back. >> it certainly is. it's going to come back very noticeably in just a few hours. take a look now at titan doppler radar across tampa bay, rain-free on all the major roads and bridges. it's still pretty murky out there. it just feels damp. as we move through the day that next round of rain will bring some widespread heavy downpours, some thunderstorms in the mix, temperatures right now are in the mid-60s to upper 60s and that's about where they will be later this afternoon. we may hit 70 in a few spots that stay drier for a little longer here early today but again those showers and storms that rolled through later are likely to create some issues for the evening commute, and we all certainly know we've had commuting issues here this morning as those earlier morning rains moved through. let's check with janelle now. i'll have more on the chance for severe storms and time out that rain coming up in a few
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now? still a handful of fender- benders, check twitter before you head out to see if any of that is blocking your morning drive. look outside, i-275, at westshore moving a little bit better than we've seen in past mornings, actually. starting to break up a little as you head through the downtown area. i just checked your drive time, it's about six minutes from here to the howard frankland. about 10 minutes in the opposite direction. the bridges looking better this morning than they have the past few days. nine minutes across the courtney campbell now. 9 minutes across the howard frankland. the gandy still getting a lot of play i guess from people trying to avoid the howard frankland so taking 13 minutes to cross the gandy now. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about there. the veterans starting to slowly get back to normal. 28 minutes from 54 to 275. 23 minutes, still slow from van dyke to 275.
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breaking news -- we're following a homicide investigation going on in bradenton. late last night manatee county deputies found a man's body in the woods off 15th street east. anchor lindsay logue is live now at the sheriff's office and has more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: detectives are still trying to piece together this crime. the scene not far from where we are up the road from the sheriff's office. we drove past this scene. the crime scene tape is down but to give you a better picture of what it looks like -- it's a heavily wooded area, a couple of football fields at the very least. it's sandwiched between 15th street east and 301 boulevard. last night manatee county deputies were looking for a person with multiple felony warrants when they found the body. at this time it's not clear if the body is that of the person that they were looking for, deputies haven't given us a lot of information now, as i said
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have not released the victim's name nor said how the person died. just saying that the man suffered upper body trauma. as soon as we get new information we'll bring it to you. live at the sheriff's office in bradenton, lindsay logue, abc action news. we do have this new video coming into our newsroom showing the arrests of the armed group who occupied a national wildlife refuge in oregon for more than three weeks. we brought you the breaking news last night at 11:00 when the fbi moved in on the person was killed, they arrested seven others including brother ryan bundy. this happened during a traffic one of our scripps sister stations was able to get in touch with the daughter of the here's what she says happened. >> they were told to get out of the vehicle, they did. their hands were in the air. and, they were cooperating.
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and then once he was on the ground he was shot again. >> officials say this group was on their way to a community clearing. still not clear who shot first. in hernando county a violent home invasion in a quiet golf course community. sheriff's investigators say they responded to a 911 call, found two women in a home covered with blood after they were severely beaten. it was in silverthorn, a gated golf community near spring hill. deputies would not say how the victims were attacked, both women were airlifted to trauma centers in the bay area. deputies arrested a suspect about 20 minutes after the attack. >> the short foot chase. to go get them. >> this morning investigators tell abc action news this crime wasn't random. we'll give you more information as we get it. we're continuing to follow a developing story in tampa now. get a description of a robbery suspect on the loose now.
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someone tried to rob florida west coast produce, 30th street north. we're told during the robbery a victim was hurt but is expected this morning we're awaiting to see if any charges are going to be filed after 43-year-old woman was killed while crossing a road in her motorized wheelchair in st. pete. police say a car struck the scene. we're told the driver stayed at the crash and talked with parents of pinellas county, this affects your kids -- chicken pox spreading through one elementary school, school officials say any children not vaccinated should stay home for three weeks. the school district confirmed the outbreak at plumb elementary school in clearwater. so far there are eight confirmed cases but there could be more. almost all of them had relimbious or medical exemptions for getting vaccinations. right now less than 20 unvaccinated students will stay home until february 15th. the zika virus becomes a
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during a briefing in the situation room. now president obama is asking that researchers fast-track their work to try and diagnose and prevent and treat the mosquito-borne virus. officials discussed factors that cause the virus to spread to the u.s. and we told you in a few cases were confirmed in the bay area. expectant mothers are warned to stay away from countries where there are outbreaks. two major u.s. airlines are offering refunds to passengers worried about the virus outbreak. united says you can reschedule trips or get full airlines. earn american airlines says it will refund pregnant women planning to travel to parts of central america. we're a week away from the start of the 2016 florida state fair. you have hours now left to vote for the peoples choice burger to be served on the midway. >> last week we showed you the four choices. the bacon bomb explosion, redneck burger with fried
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french toast burger, -- >> then the ice cream burger, topped with mexican-style fried ice cream. of course vote for your favorite at the florida state fair, just go to i'm continuing to watch our chances for showers and storms. i've got an update on the timing. the one thing you want to know, parent and coaches, is that after school activities are certainly likely to be impacted if not cancelled, quite widespread across the area. as another round of rain and storms, some of them strong to potentially severe roll in, and continue through the evening. temperatures are going to level off today in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees. i'm going to time it out for you coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. dillard is in trouble this what one salesperson said to this girl about the dress she outraged.
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but may not be the best thing for staying fit. how marriage actually hurts
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welcome back. 9:12. breaking news in st. petersburg where a nasty crash left one person dead. it happened before 6:00 this morning at 38th avenue north and 40th street. corey dierdorff has been on the scene for quite some time. what happened and what is the latest on how this is affecting traffic? >> reporter: 38th avenue north still shut down now to traffic. st. pete police department is investigating. we just spoke with them, they gave us a preliminary rundown of what happened while their investigation is still ongoing. it appears a honda civic versus a semi. that semi there in the middle of the screen. the driver of that honda civic died on the scene. that civic was traveling westbound on 38th avenue north and that semi you're seeing now
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street when the civic struck the trailer portion of the tractor-trailer lodging it under the semi and as the semi made a lefthand turn off the side street it drove that honda civic off the tractor-trailer. 38th avenue remains closed with local detours in effect. a tow company is coming, so we're not sure how long this will stay closed. medical examiner just getting on the scene as well. more updates on air and on-line at back to you. new this morning -- a federal judge orders the public release of documents in the case of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. prosecutors and tsarnaev's attorneys recently submitted a list of more than 600 court filings and exhibits both sides agree can be now made public. among the documents to be unsealed, search warrants, reports of expert witnesses and dna reports. the judge did not say exactly when the court clerk's office
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sentenced to death last year for his role in the 2013 boston we're learning more about the man fbi agents arrested before mass shooting plan could unfold in milwaukee. undercover agents say 23-year- old sammy mohammed hamza bought machine guns from them. investigators say he was masonic temple which he toured earlier this month. the suspect claimed he hoped to kill as least 30 people, allegedly defending islam. fbi agents say they started to investigate hamza in september. a facebook post from a mother in kansas has gone viral after she says a salesperson at her teen daughter. the mother says she took her daughter prom dress shopping over the weekend and they were going to decide on this red dress until a salesperson told spanx with it. the mother posted what happened on facebook, so far her and her daughter, they've received a lot of support.
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goal is to make customers feel good about themselves and not to offend them. an important health alert coming down from the federal government this morning. all adults including pregnant women and new mothers should be tested for depression. a pam of government-backed experts says this should be done at a routine part of health care. the panel now says everyone ages 18 or older should be screened for depression with adequate systems in place to ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and propofolup. according to the u.s. preventive services task force screening can ultimately help reduce or stop depression symptoms from coming back, lessen other health care needs and improve the health of pregnant or postpartum women with depression. a new study shows the way grocery stores are set up can impact the amount of food we buy. there are tactics grocery stores use to get us to buy. here's a look. first, product placement is everything. eye level is buy level. so all products there are
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and the most expensive. and then the sugary products kids will nag their parents for at a child's eye level. finally the most common foods bought at a summer market, eggs, milk and meat, usually spread out so shoppers have to walk through more aisles and you have to pick up extra items. study from ohio state university finds that being married hurts your chances of losing weight after undergoing weight loss surgery. research analyzed 13 different studies on weight loss surgery. they say none of them showed improved weight loss from married patients. the study also found the quality of the relationships went downhill. researchers say this highlights the importance of working with patients and their families throughout the surgery process. this study is published in the journal of obesity surgery. the drainage ditches getting a chance to soak in all that rain we had earlier but more is on the way. >> we had no-joke heavy rain this morning. take a look at some of the rain totals across the area. you can see how significant
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to get 3 1/2 inches of rain in the overnight hours in and around the area, that is why we saw ponding on the roads like we did this morning. 2 inches of rain moving across the skyway bridge early this morning. a lot of that heavy rain fortunately set up across the bays, otherwise we would have seen more issues on the roads but we have a half to a full inch of rain across much of the area this morning. now as we're looking at the radar we're absolutely rain- free so again good timing to give those drainage areas some time to recover from that heavy rain that we had overnight and early this morning. we have another round of rain that is not going to take very long before it moves in. i think at the earliest we'll start to see that rain hitting the pinellas county coastline around 11:00 but more likely sometime between noon to 1:00. it's going to build in and become widespread, some heavy
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in fact take a look at the futurecast, and timing. we may see a few isolated showers here especially in the southern counties over the next hour or two. but then as we get closer to noon here's where the rain starts to build in, crossing over our major roads and bridges through the evening commute with those heavy downpours. as this moves onshore we continue even into tonight, even overnight to have heavy pockets of rain, damaging winds and isolated tornado can't be ruled out, but i think most likely we're going to see more ponding on the roads, more street flooding in isolated spots. so it's an all-day risk where we're in this marginal risk category. what that means, to put it in perspective, we have about a 5% chance in this area of seeing damaging winds. 2% risk of a tornado. as we move through the day it's something we want to be aware of even with that small chance. if you don't have stormshield
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be great to have it so you can be alerted if there are warnings throughout the day or even into overnight, if you're asleep and you've got your phone or mobile device by your bed you will certainly be alerted and be aware what have is going on. if you've got that app. tomorrow we are going to see it quite as widespread, more of a hit or miss off and on through the day but rain chances still high. we clear out for the weekend. more on the weekend details coming up. back to you. have you made the switch to the new chip credit cards yet? even if you have one you may find more stores are not even set up to use them yet. consumer reporter john matarese shows you some problems with those new cards so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the new chip credit cards are supposed to be much safer than old-fashioned swipe cards. why are we hearing more reports than ever about credit card skimmers leading to fraud? weren't chip cards supposed to prevent that?
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lots of fanfare last year, promising safer transactions, thanks to the tiny chip on the front but suddenly it seems credit card skimmers are popping up on gas pumps everywhere copying our cards and giving hackers access to them. what gives? well, turns out gas stations and atms have two more years to switch over to chip readers, that gives thieves two more years to try to scam as many customers as they can. from the "doesn't that stink" file the slow rollout of emv chip cards. less than half of all stores are using them now. most major grocery chains and many smaller businesses are still asking to you swipe. hoping for more security? you will say doesn't that stink? some stores report technical issues but with most it's the cost of switching over. >> hopefully by 2018 cards can probably be a thing of the past because florida atms and gas pumps will no longer have swipe systems but until then be extra
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good morning. i'm lisa campos with your "positively tampa bay." we continue to spotlight the seven finalists for the coveted nonprofit of the year award. our guest today, bringing
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we have a weather alert. we're going to see another round of heavy rain and storms
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if you're thinking hey, i kind of would like to take advantage of this break in the rain we've got now and take a walk on the beach? not a bad idea. we've got a couple of hours before it really starts to build back in. 67 degrees will be the high in clearwater beach. the water temperature 57. keep a very close eye on the sky though. if you can see any lightning head to safety very quickly, because once those storms start rolling in they are going to stick around for a while, today. i'll tell you more about that and the timing and what is ahead for the weekend coming up in my next full forecast. 9:24. administrators in hillsborough county are threatening to sue some at christian cambridge team couldn't pray over the bowl in orlando. the school said they thought it was ok because they were playing another private christian school. the players are demanding an apology and threatening a
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pray and we were just like why? >> in an e-mail before the game the state's athletic association said because the facility was paid for with public dollars it couldn't grant permission for the public prayer. we reached out to them but haven't yet heard back. the video of the 2-year-old from south carolina has gone viral thanks to her bedtime prayers. the little girl's parents put her to bed sunday night without asking her to say her usual nighttime prayers. >> she decided to pray on her own after they left. they started to record when they heard her sweet voice on the baby monitor, the video has gone viral. thank you -- peace -- and i want peace -- and santa claus. and daddy and mommy, and mykayla and then mama, and --
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dan pointed this out earlier too. sounds like she's thanking santa claus. >> she did. since posting this video on facebook monday it's already been shared thousands of times. her parents say they skipped the prayers that night because they wanted to watch the panthers play in the nfc championship game.
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tracking a weather alert at 9:30. a break in the weather now but if you take a look another round is moving in. rain expected throughout the day today. we're tracking the impact it's already had in the bay area and what is ahead. >> good morning to you again. thank you for joining us for abc action news at 9:30. >> we've seen a lot of rain moving through the bay area all morning. it's not over yet. shay, you say this is going to continue throughout the day? >> yes, it is. we're getting a nice break at
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it while you can. you can see right now that we are rain-free across tampa bay and across our major roads and bridges. that certainly wasn't the case early this morning leading to all the street flooding. the temperatures haven't moved much. we have a few breaks in the clouds with a little sunshine coming through, you can see it where it's happened because the temperatures popped up. but in other areas where we have a lot of cloud cover we have 63 in lecanto. 65 homosassa. across hillsborough county we've still have temperatures that are in the mid to upper 60s. really more middle 60s than anything. 66 tampa. plant city 65. westchase at 66. in pinellas county temperatures in the mid-60s. st. pete 64. i won't see a ton of movement in these temperatures over the next couple of hours. we'll be where we see the greatest jump and as that rain starts to move in around noon, maybe as late as 1:00 then we are going to see those temperatures leveling off with that next rounds of storms.
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mild today but it's real murky out there. more on the timing of the storms as you can tell it's been pushed back a little bit i think. more on that and what our rain chances will be for the rest of the week and into the weekend coming up. 9:31. right now officials are working to determine what caused a house fire in tampa this morning. crews responded to arapeka drive at 6:30. right now we know that one person was taken to tampa general hospital in serious condition. firefighters say the fire started in a bedroom and the house didn't have any working smoke alarms. we'll keep you updated on any new information as we get it into the newsroom. new developments at 9:30 -- a woman accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend in her st. pete home will go to court today on charges of attempted murder. police say kelly dufrain called police to tell them her boyfriend was violating a protective order.
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him in the groin. crowley will survive. officers arrested her after catching her in the woods nearby. a seminole man said he'll plead guilty to threatening to attack the islamic center. martin schnitzler is accused of threatening to fire bomb the center and shoot whoever is there. fbi investigators deemed his threats not credible. the next court date in this case is set for february 8th. crime stoppers increasing the reward to find 25-year-old jamal smith. investigators say smith and two other men gunned down three people in a home on east magnolia drive in lakeland. two suspects have already been arrested and officials hope increasing the reward to $10,000 will help find smith. we're taking action for any of you that still need to sign up for health care coverage. the deadline to get it through the affordable care act is at
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winer joins live at usf to tell us a lot more about an event that is going to get you all in line, everything you need to know. tell us about it. >> reporter: health care can be very expensive so if you still have to sign up you want to make sure you're spending your money the right way and you know what you're doing. that's why this event in the student center lobby is going to be really important if you need help signing up or feel you need guidance this is really going to be a great place to go. you can see they've already set up here in the lobby area. they are going to be here from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today. and this is your chance to have experts walk you through the process of picking a health insurance plan and this service is free. usf health got a big grant from the federal government to create this program of health navigators, this money that was specifically set aside to help
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they can aforward that is right for them. i was talking to the organizers, they say walk-ins are definitely welcome but the number is on the screen as well. if you want to schedule a specific time to make sure that there is somebody here. again they are going to be here until 3:00 p.m. today. and they will really help you making sure that you're getting you need. this is not just for students. i was talking to them, they welcome anyone from the community and they will walk i've got all that information as well on our web site, for anyone to take a look at. again that deadline to sign up for obamacare because you do need insurance, is the end of the month, a few days away. live at usf, adam winer, abc action news. 9:34. concerns are growing over a missing 3-year-old from here in florida. that child is believed to be with his mother and her boyfriend who we're told is an escaped prisoner.
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quigley, gone for a week now. he was just added to the fdle's missing and endangered child list. authorities think his mother helped her boyfriend gary bullock jr. escape from a prison work release center near daytona beach. he reported to work friday morning, later cut off his ankle monitor and disappeared. >> he was actually excited about it only being a few more months before he got out. we were helping him look for a house. he wanted to starlight a -- start a family. it was very exciting. he was really looking forward to it. this makes no sense. >> family members want an amber alert issued to help bring xander home more quickly but the state says it's not because he was not abducted and his mom has custody. charges have been dropped against a man in a case -- a pasco county sheriff called the worst crime imaginable.
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office was arrested for child molestation. authorities say the case was dropped because of a lack of evidence. according to state attorney's office the statement taken from the 3-year-old victim didn't match up with her original story. her mother is furious. >> how am i supposed to protect her? i feel like i failed already because i let it happen. now it's like -- he walks free. >> the sheriff's office issued in statement. this statement. "we arrested him due to the admissions he made to us. we fully support our detectives in this investigation. as to the decision to pursue filing charges those are the decisions made by the state attorney's office." in democracy 2016 -- the republican leading the presidential race will be skipping the debate tomorrow night. donald trump's campaign manager confirmed he won't be on stage for the event hosted by fox news. we told you yesterday about trump's hesitation, not sure
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trump was in iowa yesterday. knocks newschannel says he's welcome to participate in the debate but can't moderate the announcers or questions. bernie sanders has a private meeting today with president obama. the white house won't give specifics on the meeting only calling it informal with no specific agenda. the two discussed arranging this meeting during last month's congressional holiday ball. the meeting also comes just days after president obama praised hillary clinton during an interview with politico. so far the president hasn't endorsed any candidate. in other democracy 2016 news -- a little girl brought to tears when she learns she'll be seeing donald trump face-to- face. tears of joy. take a look. >> we're going to see donald trump in person. in new hampshire. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> oh, my god! >> are you excited. >> yes?
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>> thank you, mom! >> she had quite the enthusiastic reaction when her mother kim she would have the presidential candidate donald hampshire. the parents say she loves him because he has great hair and 9:38. be the same after getting seriously hurt playing what he thought was a harmless game. the newest on-line challenge trend that nearly killed him. >> he's basically a bubble boy allergic to life. >> toddler in canada is at the center of a frustrating medical mystery now. the drastic measures his parents are now taking to try
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at the ladies and ladies and gentlemen - lakeland pig fest. it's friday and saturday. gasparilla, pirate fest kicks
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a washington state teen is now warning other teens about the serious dangers of the game called the duct tape challenge. ira fish had his arms and legs wrapped tightly with duct tape, the goal is to break free but skyler lost his balance, he fell and hit his head on the corner of a window frame. the impact crushed his eye socket, cheek bone and caused bleeding on the brain that required immediate surgery. he's hoping other kids will learn from his mistake. >> tell your kids not to do it. when i think about it, i become sad. then like -- very happy because i -- i'm happy because i survived it. >> skyler's brain surgery required 48 staples in his head. and doctors still don't know if
9:36 am
canadian doctors are appealing to u.s. medical experts to help treat a toddler suffering from a medical mystery. doctors believe deacon clavette has dozens of allergies but the real mystery is his unknown respond tapeious reactions. he loses consciousness, even goes into shock. at 7 months old he nearly died from a severe allergic reaction. his mom says deegan needs a life saving kit nearby just to leave his hospital room. >> he's had up to 7 epipans in 24 hours. he will not survive without a diagnosis. >> the doctors are now arranging to have a conference call with the national institutes of health in maryland. there's a gofundme account to help his parents pay for his medical bills. we're closely watching the weather for potential for possibly severe storms later this afternoon. important information to get to now with meteorologist shay ryan. we're getting this break in the rain so if you have a quick errand to run and want
9:37 am
be the time to do it. in the next couple of hours we're going to start to see more rain building in. once again we will have a round of some strong storms, some heavy rain and there is a continued chance for some severe storms in the mix. as this area of moisture and this area of moisture associated with the front just starts closing in on the area over the next couple of hours. it's really going to intensify things, that's where i think we'll start to see that chance for some damaging winds, even an isolated tornado. let look at our marginal risk, that is why the whole area here, you see shaded in green is shaded in green. because it's the storm prediction center's outlook for severe storms. we have that marginal risk which means we have about a 5% chance of seeing severe storms today. you can see how this heavy rain and storms start to set up right next to the coastline, around 1:00. i think we might get lighter
9:38 am
heaviest stuff around 1:00 starts to move across the tampa bay area, becomes more noticeable and widespread into the evening commute and thereafter. so at 8:00 at night we're pretty inundated with heavy rain across the area, and then we get those waves of stronger storms that roll in. this could continue past midnight tonight. so this is why i say that you probably want to have stormshield on your mobile device. pick out your five spots across the area that you want to monitor for any warnings. and then you will be alerted throughout the night in case something does pop here after you have gone to bed. the biggest concern is for damaging winds, can't rule out an isolated tornado. i do think with the widespread rain moving back in, given what we've already seen this morning we're likely to see more street flooding, ponding on roads at a minimum. into the evening commute. and beyond.
9:39 am
from the low 60s to the upper 60s. we hit 70 in our arcadia now. and temperatures will level off the next couple of hours as the next batch of rain moves in. 100% chance of seeing rain today. we already saw plenty of it. more to come. tomorrow expect that there's a chance that the percentage of coverage could change. the models have been pretty inconsistent about timing and coverage for tomorrow but i at least say we have a chance of storms off and on. not as nasty as today, but by friday we dry out. saturday gorgeous. we start cool and the day at 67. if you are planning on heading out for any of the gasparilla festivities from morning to night, conditions are looking great. comfortably cool. then a warm-up for sunday, from start-to-finish, a gorgeous day. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. pack -- back to you.
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says there's increased police presence at lincoln middle school in palmetto because of the threat on social media. police say they found identical threats of other schools also named lincoln in florida and other states. officials say they electronic messages were sent to parents about the threat. look for updates at new this morning, toyota holds its spot as the top- selling automaker in 2015 selling over 10 million cars. success continues despite the fact it's been caught up in a massive recall over possibly faulty airbags. volkswagen briefly passed toyota in global sales last year but that was before the emissions scandal damaged the german automaker's reputation. it's considered the academy awards for nonprofits. bemore awards. >> a short list of finalists now.
9:41 am
we continue our countdown to the bemore awards february 4th. a look at the seven finalists in the running for the nonprofit of the year. today's spotlight, on the quantitium leap farm in odessa. they are developing therapy programs for adults and children ages 2 to 92. the farm has 20 acres, 14 horses, two donkeys, three goats to name a few. joining us with more in studio, welcome edie dopking and mr. joe wilcher and his 11-year-old son mr. austin wilcher. thank you for joining us. describe the farm, edie. >> i love quantum leap farm. >> you can't say paradise, you have to tell us a little more. >> it's pretty close. it's a beautiful pastural setting, very accepting of everyone and anyone.
9:42 am
we provide a variety of equine- assisted therapies to serve vet -- veterans, kids and adults and their families, with cancer, special needs. etc. >> how has being part of the farm helped your little boy? >> oh, man. i don't think i can describe how much. watching him ride has given him a lot of self-esteem. he has muscular dystrophy so he's challenged in his movements. the care he gets at quantum leap is just unmatched. it's amazing. he gets on the horse and he's just -- king for a day. >> i noticed that you said to us earlier that he's been able to walk a little more since he's been doing this therapy with the horse. >> yeah. that's been helping him. holding the reigns helps with his muscle strength and hands and arm. they do certain movements while riding around, hoops they put on -- they go by a post and drop hoops on the post.
9:43 am
>> it wears him out. >> not just here but here too. >> yeah. >> austin, do you have a favorite horse? >> my favorite horse is "reba." she's not there anymore. >> she's not there. who is going to be your next favorite? >> "sonic." >> cool names. >> mm-hmm. >> is there a certain time of the day you like riding more than others? >> i usually ride in the morning. >> what do you like most about riding? >> it keeps me relaxed, makes me feel good after. >> thank you so much. do you have anything to say so that folks vote for miss edie and her quantum leap farm to win nonprofit of the year? >> no. >> he's a man of few words. his smile says it all and so does yours. good luck to you. >> thank you for having us. we're so honored and tickled to be nominated. >> seven nonprofits in the entire west central nonprofit
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quantum leap farm is one of them. to learn more about their programs visit them at or call the
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we've got a brief break in the rain, afternoon and evening rain, strong, some potentially severe storms are possible as we continue through the afternoon. at a minimum you will have issues on the roads later today. as those heavy rains build in. still a chance of rain tomorrow though.
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